Friday, 8 July 2016

How To Properly Store Your Wine

by Heidrick's Appliance

Most people underestimate the importance of wine storage. Behind the storage are a science and even an art! Wine storage is not only significant for maturity, but since it is perishable; it must be preserved in the right way. All wine degrades over time. Therefore, storage methods define how the wine will eventually be consumed, from a premium aging process to a ready-to-use table wine. If you happen to be an average wine drinker, here are a few tips to enhance your experience and ensure preservation:

Most average wine drinkers opt for the ready-to-drink type of wine, which is why about 95% of wine purchases fall in that category. Yes, you read correctly! The wine enthusiast falls in a mere 5% ratio. Ready-to-use wine is intended for immediate use, so it will not improve with time. That being said, they can be stored anywhere from 8 to 12 months without compromising quality.

Keep the wine away from direct sunlight, in order to avoid oxidization.

Store the bottle between 4 °C – 18 °C, where the temperature does not fluctuate more than 2-3°C. Temperature changes can significantly impact whether the wine will spoil.

Relative humidity levels should not surpass 50%.

Bottles with a natural cork should be stored on their side. As for the screwcaps or synthetic cork kind, they can be stored either on their side or in an upright position

In order to achieve best results from the way you store your wine, it would be wise to control all of these factors by using a wine cooler. A wine cooler comes in different sizes, and can be stored right in your kitchen. That way, you can control the temperature, humidity, lighting and position. Who knows! Once you get to experience the difference, maybe you’ll eventually get the itch to become a wine enthusiast! 

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