Friday, 6 May 2016

How To Prepare For Grilling Season

by Heidrick's Appliance

At last! You made it through the winter and can now resume cooking outdoors. Most folks need to pull out their BBQ that has been hibernating for months. Only the die-hard griller opted to make use of it even during the winter. To each their own! For those of you who are dusting off your grill, you may want to run through a quick checklist before you light it up again! Besides, even the hardcore griller should consider a good spring cleaning.

Safety is paramount – Here’s the thing… many of us seem to forget that using a grill means playing with fire. Since your grill has been sitting for months, give your hose a quick glance before you decide to ignite. Your hose should be intact and free of any build-up. Even a hose can catch on fire!

Give it a quick cleaning – First, remove the grates and give them a quick scrubbing. It is recommended to use a wire brush, along with a damp cloth to get the job done. Using a touch of dish soap will help remove all the grease, but make sure no residue remains. As for you grilling tools, putting them through a dishwasher cycle will do the trick. It’s a great way to disinfect!

Don’t forget the grease traps – The best habit to adopt is to clean out the grease traps before you store your grill for the winter season. An easy-clean solution for the following year would be to line your traps with aluminum foil.

Last but not least – give it a test run. Before you give it a go, turn on your grill and let it burn for a few minutes. Keep an eye out for any leaks and be sure that all burners are lit.

Now you can enjoy grilling season in all of its glory!

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