Friday, 5 February 2016

Your Super Bowl Checklist

by Heidrick's Appliance

Whether you’re hosting for Super Bowl 50 or spending game night with family, you should consider using a checklist to help you get prepped. Does a checklist sound a little too OCD for your taste? You’d be surprised how handy they can be to help remind you about all your must-haves! Score big points by ensuring that you cover every angle in time for kick-off. Let’s go over some of the indispensables for this event:

Food: Let’s face it. Some people might be showing up at your house for the food. Serve a mixture of finger foods and drinks to satisfy everyone. In fact, a little buffet table might be ideal, in case guests decide to replenish often during the game.

Super Bowl Decorations and attire: No one is expecting you to decorate your house as if it were the football hall of fame or the home of the most fervent football pool fan. However, if this is the case, by all means, go nuts! Otherwise, you may want to hang a banner above your buffet table and perhaps purchase some decorative napkins and disposable plates.

Seating: Besides food and drinks, seating is one of the most essential elements of your Super Bowl Party. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone. In the event that you happen to be shopping around for seating in time for game night, the ultimate seating experience is found on a recliner! Recliners are the “in thing” for Super Bowl fans. In fact, retailers often have sales before the event, because this specific product is a hit. Besides, it seems to be a favorite among the gentlemen! Which is better? Manual reclining or power reclining? Depending on your budget, review how much you are willing to spend.

Last, but not least – TVs: Make sure you look into Super Bowl 50 broadcasters ahead of a time. Your television is where all the action happens. If you’re trying to maximize your TV’s lifespan, but that isn’t a possibility, you may want to consider purchasing one before the event. It seems that retailers are lining up various TV deals as an incentive to buy for the game.

If you managed to get all of these points checked, then you’re ready for the big game! Happy game viewing!

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